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Hi, it’s AK of American Wealth Builders.

I got an email the other day from someone and it hit me square between the eyes. I realized that I’d done YOU a disservice so I want to rectify the situation in this email.

The email I received the other day basically said, “I want to be a real estate investor… but I’m not sure what to do first. Should I be looking at houses to buy? Do I need to gather my money together? How much? Will I need insurance?

I loved the email because the person is genuinely excited about investing in real estate (and that always makes me happy!) but I hated the email because I realized something…

Here at American Wealth Builders we talk a lot about being a real estate investor and often about switching out of stocks into real estate so you can avoid some of the coming pain that we believe is going to hit hard in the markets.

But I realized that we weren’t serving our audience because we’re kind of glossing over the whole “become a real estate investor” thing. We throw those words around because we know what they mean but many people don’t.

It’s weird, right? It’s like we’re asking you to adopt a new identity. It’s as if we’re saying, “stop being whatever you are, and instead become a real estate investor.”

That’s not good.

But what if money wasn’t an issue – where would you go and what would you do?

What if you could retire early?

Basically, I’m asking you to dream about your ideal life… and consider what resources are needed to make that happen.

Got it? Great.

Now look at your current investment portfolio. Is it helping you get there? If it is, and if you’re confident that it will continue, then great!

But many people look at their portfolio and realize that it probably won’t get them to their ideal life… and, in fact, it probably won’t even get them a very comfortable retirement at all!

And that’s where we come in. We don’t want to shake up your life and turn you into a real estate investor if you don’t want to do that.

What we really want to do is give you one idea, one strategy, one resource that can get you closer to your ideal life.

That idea/strategy/resource is turnkey investing.

But turnkey investing and stock market investing is not an “either/or” scenario. Sure, we talk about selling your stocks and getting into turnkey investments because we believe so strongly in them, and we don’t want to see stock market investors get hurt in the roller-coaster market. But you don’t have to sell everything and go “all in” with turnkey investment.

Rather, find a mix of investments that you’re comfortable with – a mix of stocks, funds, bonds, CDS, businesses, real estate, and other investments.

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For a lot of the people we work with, they start out with a mix of those things above. One investor who is very typical of the kinds of investors I talk to, was 100% into stocks and funds in his IRA but he wasn’t happy with his returns. However, he also didn’t want to “become a real estate investor” since that just sounded weird to him.

So he maintained his stock/fund portfolio and when it came time to contribute further to his IRA he called us up and bought a turnkey property. That property sits in his IRA and makes contributions.

He was happy with that for a while and then his stocks started to drop a bit and he realized that the only investment doing anything good in his IRA was the turnkey property from us… so he cut his losses, sold off his stocks, and is now 100% into real estate in his IRA.

He’d never describe himself as a real estate investor. If I ever called him one he’d give me a funny look. He’s just a regular guy who invests in his IRA for retirement… and the fact that he owns real estate instead of stocks… honestly, it probably doesn’t matter to him as long it’s delivering a solid return.

And for this investor, it didn’t start with a decision to suddenly get into real estate or put a turnkey investment into his IRA or become a real estate investor. Rather, it was a realization that is portfolio was not delivering what he wanted and he knew he needed to make a move that would get it working for him.

I suspect that’s the case for a lot of investors. And frankly, I think we scare people off by talking about “being real estate investors” when many people just want a portfolio that delivers solid, predictable returns.

So, don’t be a real estate investor. And don’t become overwhelmed by what seems to be a radical shift in what you need to do or even who you need to be.

 and then I’d love to set up a time to talk with you directly. I’ll walk you through how a turnkey real estate investment works and how it can fit into your portfolio – whether that’s outside or inside an IRA.

Don’t think of ALL the steps to “become a real estate investor.”

Instead, just think of the next step – just pick up the phone and call us here at American Wealth Builders. Let’s have a conversation about another kind of investment that might work for your portfolio.

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Senior Wealth Strategist
American Wealth Builders

AK - SR. Wealth Strategist

About AK - SR. Wealth Strategist

AK has varied background and experience from private equity and business development. During his time as a stock broker for almost 5 years, he became frustrated with market losses and the uneven playing field. In 2010 AK met CEO Mark Evans and was blown away by the business model. Clients were invested in tangible, high-performing, cash-flowing assets, and earning more than those using a market based strategy. AK is an avid cross-fitter and yoga enthusiast.