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Why I Left Wall Street For Main Street

Hi, it’s Dan Witherington from American Wealth Builders.

For years I worked in the Wall Street – analyzing businesses and looking at how to trade stocks. Then I left. Packed it all in. Turned my back on my career and left Wall Street… to the jeers and perhaps even mockery of my friends and peers.

A few years later, I’m still working in “investments” (just not stocks). I’m healthier and happier than ever, and enjoying a much better lifestyle – while some of those same friends and peers who mocked me have privately reached out to me to learn more, to invest, and to help them get out of Wall Street.

Funny how that works.

Working on Wall Street is no picnic. Neither is investing in Wall Street stocks.

And although I’m not going to tell you to get out of your Wall Street stocks, I will tell you to open your mind to the possibility that there’s another world out there.

Here are 4 reasons why I got out of the stock market and put my money into turnkey investments. (Again, not advising you necessarily do the same – just sharing why it was the right choice for me.)

#1. Sleep well at night. Stocks are like some kind of bad drug. Once you buy them, you have to keep checking them over and over. Did they go up? Did they go down? Should you sell? Those are the questions you keep asking yourself… daily and even hourly.

Compare that to the set-it-and-forget-it, stress free, investing of turnkey real estate. I buy it and I don’t need to worry about it.

#2. Not dependent on others. When you buy a stock, the price is supposed to be based on the underlying value of the stock. At least, that’s what fundamental investors will tell you. (Technical investors have a different story). Problem is, this is only partially true. The stock price is also based on what people believe the stock will do. Therefore; rumors, speculation, and the bears and bulls of the market will drive the price up and down. A stock can rise 5% on rumors of a takeover or can drop 10% on rumors that quarterly earnings will be bad.

But with turnkey investing, the value of your monthly cash flow is not dependent on the rumor mill or bad press. You get your money month-in and month-out without worry.

#3. No control. With stocks, you can either hold, sell, or buy more. Those are your three options and they’re really driven by what you think the stock will do in the future. There’s no control. You can’t walk into the weekly executive meeting and say, “Hey guys, you’re screwing up. The company will be so much better if we do X, Y, and Z.” Sure you get a vote at the annual shareholders’ meeting but that’s it.

But with turnkey real estate, you own the investment entirely yourself, you aren’t voting with or against millions of other shareholders, and you aren’t worried about what a bunch of stuffed-shirt executives will do one day to blow up your investment.

#4. Cash flowing returns. You primarily buy stocks for capital gains growth. That is, you hope to buy low and then watch those stocks climb. Sure, there are ways to earn some cash flow from dividends but it’s not much. Your investment capital and the potential returns are mostly locked up and inaccessible in the stock. The only way to access that capital is to sell your stock. Then you get the money but you give up the possibility of future returns.

But with turnkey investments, you get ongoing cash flow returns, which means your investment “throws off” the returns into your bank account each and every month – you enjoy a high yield without having to sell off part of your investment to access that money.

Are turnkey investments right for everyone? Of course not. You might have very good reasons to prefer stocks over real estate. But for me, it was the right choice to quit Wall Street, empty my portfolio of stocks, and instead invest in turnkey properties.

If you want to talk about what a turnkey property might look like in your portfolio, let’s talk. I’m not going to give you advice on what you should do with your stock market holdings but I will share with you the difference that turnkey investments had in my portfolio.

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Dan Witherington
Senior Wealth Strategist
American Wealth Builders

Dan Witherington - SR. Wealth Strategist

About Dan Witherington - SR. Wealth Strategist

Dan has comprehensive financial and business development experience working in the heart of New York City on Wall Street. His work primarily focused on conducting financial and operational analysis on energy, manufacturing, and aerospace/defense companies. Thru his experience combined with his education he has developed a strong financial acumen and a passion for investing. He has travelled extensively throughout North and South America working with some of the largest companies within the Fortune 500. Dan attended Ashford University where he graduated with high honors with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in economics and finance while minoring in entrepreneurship. He enjoys traveling, golfing, wining, dining, and spending time with friends and family.