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Marty McFly’s Comes Back To Tell You This

Hi, it’s Peter Aquart from American Wealth Builders.

I got a message from you.

Well, it’s from your future self to your present self. So let me pass that message along from future you to present you. 🙂

“Dear self,

At the time you read this, you’re full of conflicting ideas about investing… 

On the one hand; you’re sick of the stock market nonsense, and even though it’s at its height, you know that you’re not getting the returns you want, and you hate the idea of locking up all your capital.

On the other hand; real estate investing seems like a good strategy, but it’s somewhat unusual to what you’re used to… and you know the cash flow will be good but you’re not sure if you should invest in real estate… or maybe you should wait for a better time to invest.

I have two things to tell you about that:

First, if not now… then when?

What exactly are you waiting for?

If you’ve decided that you should invest in real estate, why have you not yet?

What situation, sign, or “trigger” are you waiting for to tell you to invest?

Second, many people put off investing because ‘things seem too crazy right now and there’s probably going to be a better time to invest in the future.’

Well, let me tell you what it’s like in the future and that might give you a hint about what to do…

No, in the future we never got a flying car…

Or a cure for hair loss…

Or healthy pizza.

But what we did get is:

  • More taxes.
  • More governmental, bureaucratic nonsense (it seems to happen no matter WHO gets voted in).
  • More stock market uncertainty.
  • More poor people – more rich people (but a nearly-vanished middle class).
  • More craziness in the world in terms of fear, violence, and tension between different groups of people.
  • More companies exporting their higher paying jobs to other markets.
  • More people focused on their cell phones and complaining that the government doesn’t take care of them.

In short, the world does not get better, in spite of everyone’s hope), it just gets more complicated, fearful, and confusing.

You KNOW already that this stuff isn’t going to improve. It will just get worse.

Hey, I’m not saying it all sucks… that’s life – it’s good and bad, but it also gets more complicated.

In spite of every political candidate’s promises (at all levels of government), we’re sliding downward. Everyone. Not just America… but all of humanity.

You won’t turn on the news one day and the reporter will say, “Well, everything’s fixed. There’s nothing to report today.” That’s not going to happen.

So what can you do about it? It’s simple: stop playing the game that everyone wants you to play (they’re telling you to put your money into stocks, to work at your job until retirement, and then to try and squeak by in retirement and hope you don’t outlive your savings).

Well, I’m writing from the future to urge you to think differently… and to stop wondering WHEN to invest. Get out of the stock market now and get into a cash flowing hard asset like turnkey real estate.

The world is not going to magically get better and the stock market won’t suddenly skyrocket upward while taxes plummet downward. There isn’t going to be a ‘better’ time to invest.

My dose of reality is this: it’s going to get even more complicated so the best thing you can do for yourself now (and for your future self) is to break free from the script that everyone expects you to live in.

Instead find a simple, predictable, set-it-and-forget-it style of investing that will allow you to grow your portfolio rapidly with high yielding, safe investments.

Heck, it can even allow you to retire early and actually enjoy life.

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad in the future… but if you’re waiting to invest in real estate because you want to see first what will happen in the stock market, or the election or the economy, or racial tension or the war on terror, or anything else… you’ll be stuck waiting for a long time.

I’m writing from the future to tell you: stop hoping that things will get better before you take action. Instead, look out for yourself and your family NOW. Invest in something simply and predictable.

You know the lottery isn’t going to do it. You’re not happy in your job. THIS is the most sensible way forward.



Okay, it’s Peter again. Those are wise words from your future self. If you’re thinking about investing in turnkey real estate, but on the fence about when, listen to yourself: if not now, when?

There is not going to be a “better” time to invest… there’s only now… or tomorrow (which is potentially a slightly worse and more confusing version of now).

I don’t need to tell you that life is getting more chaotic and messy by the day. So if you want to create a better life for yourself and your family then take a closer look at turnkey real estate investing for safe, predictable, consistent cash flow that doesn’t touch the principal and can be passed on for generations.

Peter Aquart - COO

About Peter Aquart - COO

Peter heads our S. Florida Headquarters and is the tech guru here at AWB. With his engineering background and analytical skills, he’s a great resource for you to talk numbers, analyze different strategies, and look at the data and results of your investments instead of the emotion and drama. Email: Phone: 561.408.0880