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Why Nov 28th Is Most Important Day Of Year

Hi, it’s AK from American Wealth Builders.

Have you looked at the calendar lately? If not then you probably should because today is an important day!

You may be wondering, “What’s so important about November 28, 2016, AK?”

Well, let me back up slightly to share with you why this is so important…

Most people set goals for their lives. And at the New Year, they set New Year’s resolutions. And then, in an ideal world, they take action on those goals and resolutions.

They’re excited about them in January. The more motivated people are excited about them in February and March, too.

In April, tax time often forces people to push their goals aside while they prepare their tax forms (or gather the papers for their accountants to do it).

May and June are potentially decent months for sticking with your goals.

July and August are often write-offs for goal achievement – you’re in vacation mode, or busy with outdoor projects, or whatever… so you put off your goals until September.

And maybe September and October are good working-on-your-goals months (unless you have kids, then it’s a bit of a mess, right?).

Then November hits. And this year, between the election and Thanksgiving, you might get in a few days of working on your goals but now you get to November 28. Today. And you maybe you do what MANY other people do: you realize that there are only 5 weeks left in the year, you know that it can be a busy time, so you put off working on your goals until January.

November 28, therefore, may be the last day of the year that you think about your goals until 2017.

Losing weight? How can you be expected to do that when all the holiday food is being offered?

Quitting smoking? Certainly not with the stresses of seeing family over the holidays!

Investing and building a portfolio? Who has the time to think about that when you’ve got gifts to buy?

Okay, look, I get that the stresses and demands of this upcoming season may make it tough to resist that second helping, or tough to sneak out to the shed for a quick, calming smoke when your crazy old uncle starts making crude jokes again – but I do want to give you a bit of perspective on the investing side…

You might look at the calendar and see school pageants or dinner with your wife’s side of the family, and maybe a friendly get-together, and definitely some around-the-tree time with family… and even though your calendar might be fuller at this time of year than other years, let me just observe that you have 34 days left in the year and you can do A LOT in 34 days… yes, even with the extra shopping and (perhaps) snow shoveling that you need to do.

When it comes to building your investment portfolio with turnkey real estate, the sooner you start, the sooner you start seeing cash flow returns into your bank account.

Besides, taking the step to invest in a turnkey deal is actually not a lot of work. (Stop thinking of it like all the work you did when hunting for the house you live in.) You can invest in a turnkey deal as quickly as you’re comfortable with – and for many people it starts with just simple phone call and some faxed or emailed paperwork.

(Of course, in some situations, there can be additional steps… such as if you want to invest with your IRA) but it WON’T take you 24/7 for the next 34 days to do it.

Our investors are often surprised (in a good way) at how quickly they can invest. We can have a conversation, get the paperwork over to you, and the deal is underway in a matter of just a day or two.

Heck, we’ve been doing this for a long time and have our processes nailed down to a fine art. In fact, if you call our team today, we can have a ton of the work done and, in some cases, you can even own the turnkey property by the end of this week (leaving you with 4 weeks to focus just on family.)

So, if you were looking at the calendar and wondering if you should put off your goals until the New Year – DON’T. There’s a lot of time between now and the end of the year and although your calendar looks busy, it’s not too busy to keep pushing forward on your goals.

Let me leave you with one extra thought on this…

When we look at the most successful people in the world, I can promise you that NONE of them got where they were by putting off their goals during the last 34 days of the year. Exactly the opposite. While everyone else was delaying their goals because they felt too busy, the most successful people stepped up and started pushed on their goals.

In 2017, will you look back on these last 34 days with pride that you took the extra step to work on your investing goals?

Give me a call today and let’s take advantage of these last few weeks of the year to help you build your investment portfolio with turnkey real estate.

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AK - SR. Wealth Strategist

About AK - SR. Wealth Strategist

AK has varied background and experience from private equity and business development. During his time as a stock broker for almost 5 years, he became frustrated with market losses and the uneven playing field. In 2010 AK met CEO Mark Evans and was blown away by the business model. Clients were invested in tangible, high-performing, cash-flowing assets, and earning more than those using a market based strategy. AK is an avid cross-fitter and yoga enthusiast.