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Why do you invest?

Whenever I get into a conversation with someone about investing (no matter what kind of investment we’re talking about), I like to ask why they invest.

Frequently the answer is “the returns.”

That makes sense: someone invests to generate more money, perhaps to spend now or for retirement later.

There are other answers, of course, from quick profits to diversification… the list can really go on and on.

All of these make sense as answers but I don’t think they’re correct…

I think the real reason people invest is for freedom.

Here’s what I mean:

If you really wanted returns (or safety of capital or whatever) then you could just work for it. But no one wants to put in more hours than they’re already putting into work, right?

By investing, you “uncouple” your ability to earn from the need to work for it.

Investing allows you to make money without having to drive into an office.

Well, THEORETICALLY it allows you to do that (whether you actually can or not depends on the investment).

When you invest, you do so to make money without effort, which will ideally give you more time to do what you want. And THAT, when it works correctly, is freedom.

Problem is, this thinking is broken.

It’s broken because it’s so rare. Heck, one study revealed that most people are lucky to see 2%-3% returns from their stock investments… maybe 5% if those stocks are managed by a professional.

So people invest because they want to make money automatically – so they don’t have to work for that money – but they don’t make much… if anything.

And by the time they retire, they’re forced to work more.

This plan delivers exactly ZERO freedom.

No extra money is made.

More work is required.

That stinks.

Fortunately, there is a way to get freedom through investing and that is to create a portfolio of turnkey investments. Turnkey investments deliver predictable monthly cash flow that can be set up in a few ways:

  • It can augment your current income so you can work less
  • It can build and reinvest itself so you can have retire sooner
  • It can even replace your current income so you can retire now

It all depends on how it’s set up.

So far, I’ve talked about freedom in a very conceptual way. And I had to do that first to build a foundation for what comes next.

The real meaning of freedom.

What is the real meaning of freedom for you?

Is it being able to say “screw you” to an annoying boss, and walking out of your job and not having to worry about how you’ll pay the bills?

Is it being able to say “yes” to your child when they ask if you can make it to their school play, instead of having to say “no” because you are stuck at work all day?

Is it being able to surprise your spouse with a spontaneous weekend getaway?

Is it being able to afford an extended vacation, perhaps even an extravagant one – like a dream vacation that you always talked about but were never able to do before.

Is it being able to spend more time with your family?

Is it being able to cover your parent’s mortgage?

Is it being able to finally afford to restore that classic car that you always wanted?

Is it being able to pack up the kids and take them on a memory-building vacation that they’ll talk about for years?

Is it having the confidence that you can retire whenever you want?

Freedom could mean a lot of things. Ultimately, freedom means not having to be stuck at work in order to earn money so you can afford to live the rest of your life.

Freedom is the reason people invest.

Unfortunately, the way most people invest, freedom is simply out of reach and they’ll be forced to do just the opposite of freedom – many will be forced to prolong their working years.

But a turnkey real estate investment changes all of that. It’s consistent, predictable, high-yield returns augment or even replace your income so you have freedom.

If you read that list above and got goosebumps because it’s EXACTLY what you want in life, then get in touch with our team today because we want to help you have that in life right now.



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