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Your ‘Retire Today’ Plan

Hi, it’s Peter Aquart of American Wealth Builders.

I feel like I owe you an apology.

At American Wealth Builders, we talk a lot about investing in turnkey real estate to create cash flow… and often that leads very naturally to a discussion about retirement, IRAs, and such.

But here’s the thing…

Most people associate retirement with something they will do when they’re older and ready to stop working. The younger you are, the more theoretical the concept of retirement really is.

Retirement used to be a word we used when we talked about stopping working – it’s often associated with the age 65 and with the idea of social security benefits that the word “retirement” has often become about “what we do when we’re too old to work.”

I’m not trying to seem disrespectful to people who are near, at, or past retirement age; rather, I’m simply exploring how the word has transitioned historically in the public’s mind…

Ask most people to describe what retirement looks like for them and you’ll get answers like, “I’ll be too old to work” or “that’s when you become a senior citizen.”

My point is: retirement is wrapped up with the concept of getting older.

And it SHOULDN’T be that.

When we talk about retiring earlier than 65, we use the term “early retirement” – but I don’t really like that term either.

Really the idea we’re trying to convey when we talk about retirement, and early retirement, is actually financial freedom. That is: the ability to decide how to spend your time because you have the cash flowing income to support you and your family without you needing to go into physical work.

So, if our conversations in the past about retirement haven’t gotten you excited about investing in real estate then stop “saving for retirement” or “investing for retirement” because that’s what Wall Street tends to focus on.

Instead, move the conversation in your mind to “investing for financial freedom”, which is a powerful shift away from the too-old-to-work misinterpretation of the word “retirement” and instead puts the focus where it should be: on making investing decisions today that could impact your financial freedom TODAY.

When we talk about retirement, that’s usually a few years (or even a few decades) away for most people. But when we talk about financial freedom, that’s something that’s possible and attainable for people today.

So, what does financial freedom look like?

Well, when we talk about retirement, we often associate that with building up a big amount of money that we then deplete until we die. (That’s horrible!) But when we talk about financial freedom, it’s really about the construction of an investment portfolio that pays you without requiring you to go into work every day.

So, if retirement seems far away to you, or even if you’re close to age 65 and thinking, “I’m too young to retire (at least, ‘retire’ in the way I’ve always thought of retirement)” then stop thinking about retiring. Switch your mindset and start thinking about financial freedom – because that is a financial goal that is more achievable than you think, and it’s more reachable earlier than you think too.

With just a few turnkey investments, you could be financially free enough to switch your job from full time to part time, or even to quit altogether. The ongoing passive cash flow of turnkey properties puts money in your account every month.

For some people reading this: that above paragraph is enough to pick up the phone and call us right away to restructure their portfolio with this kind of investment in mind.

But the truth is, for some people, they’ve been some focused on “someday-when-I’m-older” retirement that they need to first get past that mindset and realize that it’s possible to stop working much earlier (even in the next few weeks – yes! It’s entirely possible for some).

The truth is: retirement is not something that’s “just for old people” – which is kind of how our society has come to define retirement. Rather retirement should be a “work optional” lifestyle that you can have any time you want.

Give our team a call and find out how to go from “retire someday” to the work optional and financially free lifestyle MUCH sooner than you thought possible.

Here’s how to contact me:
Phone: 561.408.0880


Peter Aquart
Chief Operating Officer
American Wealth Builders

Peter Aquart - COO

About Peter Aquart - COO

Peter heads our S. Florida Headquarters and is the tech guru here at AWB. With his engineering background and analytical skills, he’s a great resource for you to talk numbers, analyze different strategies, and look at the data and results of your investments instead of the emotion and drama. Email: Phone: 561.408.0880