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Hi, it’s Peter from American Wealth Builders

As I sit here getting ready for the week, I keep thinking about what I’ll be talking about with investors who call me. Some will be wanting cash flow; others will want a safe place to put their money; others want to provide something for their kids.

One of the biggest things that investors ask (or maybe SHOULD ask) is: why should you invest NOW?

Look, it’s pretty simple to invest… but in some ways that’s actually a bad thing because people think, “Oh, it’s so simple, I’ll just put it off for one more day.”

Problem is: one day becomes one week, which becomes one month, and that becomes one year… and suddenly you find yourself a year later wishing you had invested earlier.

So I made a list of the top 5 reasons why you should invest in cash-flowing turnkey real estate right NOW… not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW.

#1. The real estate market is PERFECT. Lots of people try to time the market: basing their decisions on assumptions and inaccurate information, they think it might make more sense to buy real estate later. But I can tell you that the market is perfect to buy right now.

The reason is: all real estate is local. What’s happening in your neighborhood is different from other neighborhoods in your city, in your state, and across the country. At American Wealth Builders, we have a team of experts who investigate markets and choose carefully selected markets that make sense to be in. These markets are perfectly calibrated for investing right now.

#2. Set yourself up for 2018. It’s hard to believe that the year more than half way over! Before you know it, we’ll be ringing in the New Year and 2018 will begin. Will you wait until then to start investing? Why do that? Invest today – right now – so that you have your properties all set up and already cash flowing.

#3. You could retire now. My favorite part of what I do is talking to investors and crunching the numbers and revealing to them that they can retire today. Many investors in their 50’s, especially (but other ages too), have some money saved up and they know they need to save more for retirement. Until they talk to me…

If you have a couple hundred thousand in your IRA or 401k, you might be able to retire this month and never work again.

Imagine retiring A WHOLE DECADE SOONER than you were expecting, and enjoying an even more comfortable retirement than you were expecting. Call the office and talk to me and we can figure out your timeline to early retirement.

#4. The election is just around the corner. This is the craziest election cycle I’ve ever seen. And all this craziness is going to create a lot of market volatility… in the economy, in the stock market, everywhere. Depending on who gets elected, we could see markets react sharply and hurt stock market investors.

I’m getting calls from a lot of investors who want to protect their financial capital and retirement funds, so they’re taking them out of the stock market and putting them into a hard asset like real estate. It’s safe, it’s cash flowing, and it’s way more stable and predictable than the stock market… especially in this election cycle.

#5. Returns from day one! If you invest in a stock, you need to wait on those returns. Maybe you get a few cents each quarter from the dividends or, more likely, you need to wait until you sell before can even touch the returns.

But with turnkey real estate, your investment are immediately cash flowing, providing returns right away… without the need to sell off the investment first. That means you start earning returns AS SOON AS YOU ACQUIRE THE INVESTMENT… and not just earning them but enjoying them.

Of course there are other reasons to invest in real estate but if I had to tell someone why they should invest RIGHT THIS INSTANT, these are the 5 that spring to mind.

Why not take advantage of these reasons in your own portfolio. Give me (or someone on the team) a call and we’ll get you hooked up ASAP with a turnkey real estate into your portfolio.


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Peter Aquart

Peter Aquart - COO

About Peter Aquart - COO

Peter heads our S. Florida Headquarters and is the tech guru here at AWB. With his engineering background and analytical skills, he’s a great resource for you to talk numbers, analyze different strategies, and look at the data and results of your investments instead of the emotion and drama. Email: Phone: 561.408.0880