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Our Clients Love American Wealth Builders –

Here are just a few of their comments.


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A recent Facebook post from one of our clientsjosh

Hi Rosanne,

Thank you for all your help. You make the process very easy and efficient. This a painless method of making a high return on my limited funds in this unsettling economic environment.

Have a great weekend!

Barbara Schmidt

Just forwarding a quick email to let you know that our investment property purchasing experience with American Wealth Builders (AWB) was very positive and exciting. As you may know we attempted to work with another investment property company located in the Dayton/Cincinnati area before being referred to AWB.

The contrast between the two companies is noteworthy. The following is a summary list of the distinguishing characteristics:

1. Cost – The cost of the homes offered for purchase did not included insurance and closing costs….we even had to track down our own property insurance. Your pricing is all inclusive…..very smart.
2. Communication – The first company was slow to respond to questions and did not follow through on issues. By comparison, you were very prompt, professional and thorough.
3. Marketing – House offerings had a limited number of pictures. AWB has a more extensive array of property pictures making it easier to evaluate the quality of the property.
4. Project Management – Oversight and management of unfinished items associated with readying a property for sale did not seem like a priority. The time to close a property did not seem to have a managed end point. As a buyer, I became very uncomfortable with minimal and incomplete communication while I watched the punch-list process seem to go on without end. AWB’s approach is much more reassuring and gives confidence to the buyer that you know what you are doing.
5. Listening – AK is a good listener….I appreciated your willingness to hear my concerns and reasoning about the potential for Radon gas. I know you listened and understood my concern because you shared the concern with others at AWB and your company responded.

Thanks again for a positive experience.

Bill & Mimi T.

PS – Thanks again for the Money Tree and the Grandma and Grandpa mugs! We are extremely excited about the birth of our first Grandchild.

So far I’ve experienced great customer service and returns as promised from my solo 401(k) funds invested with American Wealth Builders on two properties in Columbus, OH. I transferred my NOV 401(k) funds into a solo 401(k) and invested outside of the stock market in September or so right before that drop after NOV’s reduction in force. I’m a younger professional than you educated as a Mechanical Engineering now training to work at SafeWay driving! Personally, I am much more confident in my real estate investment in Columbus than Wall Street right now. The loses at the beginning of this year may pale in comparison as to what is to come with the current state of affairs. – Jesse Alan C.

American Wealth Builders has made buying a rental property a turn-key experience. As someone who owns multiple rentals, I can honestly say that this is the easiest way to buy an investment property. AK, our sales consultant, takes the time to listen to our needs, recommend properties that accomplish our objectives and gives us a fair deal with a terrific net ROI in the 15% range. That’s only the beginning. The property closes swiftly and without hassle. The repairs have already been made, a property manager has found tenants and even insurance has been set up. All we have to do is provide our bank account where deposits can be made! I cannot say enough about how easy and profitable it is to work with American Wealth Builders. -Nancy B.

Mr. Evans and his team have helped me and my family to generate hefty monthly residual income from turn-key real estate deals. They made it easy for me, and they helped me realize how close I was to retiring with a great residual income from my turn-key investments. I’ve bought many properties from AWB and will continue to do so over the years. – Franklin A, Retired Police OfficerMiami, FL

All I can say is WOW! AWB makes it so easy to invest in real estate through them that my goal is to buy 1 property a month to grow my portfolio. They truly go above and beyond to make the best customer experience possible. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their residual cash flow. – Gary N, Small Business Owner Philadelphia, PA

First, I’d like to say, I had owned rental real estate for several years, and I found out several things. It is not easy to have cashflowing real estate, especially if one hasn’t located the right property and bought at the right price. Sometimes cash-flow estimates presented to investors have unrealistic assumption on how high the rent income will be and how low the expenses will be. The reasons cashflow is so important are that, while appreciation is nice, you cannot count on it: who, when buying in 2006, would know the real estate bubble would burst and it would be many, many years before prices recovered? Meanwhile, you still have to eat, you have bills to pay, EVERY month, so a part of every investor’s portfolio mush produce reliable cashflow, and it has to be enough cashflow to cover your monthly expenses.

Therefore I have high regard for Arun Kapse and the AWB team:

  • They understand investors’ needs and select the best properties that produce real cashflow, fast: while on many other properties you may have to wait to find a tenant (which can take a few months), with AWB the tenant is ALREADY IN PLACE, THERE IS NO GUESSWORK AS TO WHAT THE RENTAL INCOME WILL BE. This is a huge benefit, it brings piece of mind.
  • Arun Kapse found some real gems, I simply had never found properties at such a good price which provide such a good ROI. Since I have retired recently, it is very important to me to know my investment capital will produce very good results. I do not have millions of dollars to waste!
  • I have been impressed: AWB have streamlined the process so there are no endless documents (so common to most real estate transactions); only documents that are written clearly and are to-the-point. What I valued was how rapidly Arun and the AWB team answered my questions and concerns; they valued my time, they made me feel they valued my time, and they earned my business.
  • I have already invested in 2 houses with AWB, in the first month I already receive a cash distribution for both properties, it was more than I expected; I am very satisfied.
  • I also received welcome letters and gifts, which was unexpected. AWB has gone ‘all-out’ in treating me as a client they value and intend to work with for years to come. I definitely recommend Arun and American Wealth Builders. – Andre M, Real Estate Investor Pasadena, CA

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